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A diamond simulant, consisting of a fine line at 415 nm. The dopants used to impart color in artificial simulants may be detectable as a complex rare-earth absorption spectrum, which is never seen in diamond. Also present in most diamonds are certain internal and external flaws or inclusions, the most common of which are fractures and solid foreign crystals. O'Donoghue, Michael, and Joyner, Louise. (2003)..

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Material properties of diamond. Diamond; An octahedral diamond crystal in matrix. General; Category: Native Nonmetal , Mineral: Formula (repeating unit) Carbon (C) Crystal system: Diamond (Ia) diamonds have a visible absorption spectrum (as seen through a direct-vision spectroscope) consisting of a fine line in the violet at 415.5 nm; however, this line is often invisible until the diamond has been cooled to very low temperatures. Associated with this are weaker lines at 478 nm, 465 nm.

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East Carolina University, commonly referred to as ECU, is an American public, doctoral/research university located in Greenville, The university's academic facilities are located on six properties: Main Campus, Health Sciences Campus, West Research Campus, J.Y. Joyner Library is the main library located beside the Mall on the main campus. It holds nearly 1.9 million bound volumes,.

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