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United States trademark law - Wikipedia

A trademark is a word, phrase, or logo that identifies the source of goods or services. Trademark law protects a business' commercial identity or brand by discouraging other businesses from adopting a name or logo that is "confusingly similar" to an existing trademark..

Chemical property - Wikipedia

A chemical property is any of a material's properties that becomes evident during, or after, a chemical reaction; that is, any quality that can be established only by changing a substance's chemical identity. Simply speaking, chemical properties cannot be determined just by viewing or touching the substance; the substance's internal structure must be affected greatly for its chemical properties to be investigated..

Noryl - Wikipedia

Properties. The addition of polystyrene to PPE increases the glass transition temperature above 100 °C, owing to the high T g of PPE, so NORYL resin is stable in boiling water..

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