Trump's Slight To DACA Immigrants Seems Like 'all Lives Matter'

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Maybe probably the most nauseating line of President Trump’s State is the Union speech — and there have been many — was his sneaky swipe at DACA immigrants and the individuals who assist them.

Proper in the course of his faux name for unity, the touchy-feely President fell again into his consolation zone, the us-versus-them tableau the place he has achieved most of his harm.

It was there, earlier than Congress and the world, that Trump gave voice to his racism with out sounding like a racist.

“People are dreamers, too,” Trump mentioned.

Nicely, it was actually higher than his final foray into the topic of immigration, when he broad-brushed Haiti, El Salvador and a lot of the nations from the African continent as “shithole nations.”

There was no swearing on this speech. Simply the patronizing dismissiveness that comes with bigoted entitlement.

Trump’s “dreamers” line was proper up there with the language of the insecure imbeciles who insist on reminding us that “all lives matter” at any time when somebody protests black injustice.

And, talking of black injustice, Trump’s name for unity included a delicate, but, seen, assault on the Black Lives Matter motion.

As a result of each time you criticize athletes — as Trump did — for kneeling in protest in the course of the nationwide anthem, with out acknowledging the inequities they’re demonstrating in opposition to, you might be saying you don’t care concerning the concern.

Many individuals, black and white, don’t agree with the tactic of protest.

Protesters collect all over the world to assist DACA

However by focusing solely on the flag, the President’s message is obvious: Black lives don’t matter any greater than the lives of immigrant dreamers, even when the black unemployment charge is down.

However again to the dreamers, which is what we took to calling younger folks affected by the Obama-era Deferred Motion for Childhood Arrivals coverage — which protects immigrants introduced illegally to the U.S. as kids. Trump is able to let DACA expire in just a few weeks.

Nobody is saying that People aren’t dreamers any greater than anybody is saying that the lives of 1 race matter any greater than the lives of one other.

What we’re saying is that the dream, the American Dream, the one which Langston Hughes advised us to “maintain quick to,” is sufficiently big for everybody.

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