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I dreamed I walked again dwelling from faculty and noticed a child virtually suffocating behind a automotive in a netted pocket. It wanted assist. The dad got here and took the terrified child out to present it meals, however the child uncared for it. I ran and advised my mother and father and we went again to the infant. I took it from the pocket, however the father got here and took him from my fingers. I stated he shouldn’t virtually suffocate the infant so he put it on the bottom. It tried strolling to me however fell when the dad virtually hit him. I took the infant dwelling, whereas my mother and father handled the daddy. It was joyful to be saved and needed me close to all the time. Please decode this dream.

— Natalie Alaniz, North Hollywood, Calif.

The dream is self-referential. As such, you’re the child that feels suffocated. On this view, saving the infant reveals the want to save your self from being stifled. For the sad child behind the automotive signifies that you’re not the one on the wheel, the one in command of the course your life will take. A lot is out of your fingers. However when push involves shove, there may be recognition that you just can not go it alone: When the going will get tough, you have to run again to the protection of your mother and father for the enable you to want.


I lately dreamed I used to be sitting on high of a glass desk and it shattered. I noticed massive items of damaged glass. Is that this a foul omen of issues to return? Please let me know what it means.

— Rebecca Batman, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When glass breaks and shatters, there may be all the time the concern of one thing coming aside in your life, akin to a relationship, a dream or a selected way of life. The glass signifies the want for transparency. The desk — as an emblem of the office — could signify worries over shedding a job and hitting backside.


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